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Hello, world.  Good day and welcome to my personal web site.

This site was conceived way back in 1997 as an experiment and as a medium to apply some HTML which I learned from my interest in computers and the internet.

It remains published up to today for family and friends who occasionally view the photo album.  Some surfers may also find the games and hardware sections worth browsing.

You can comment about this site by signing my guestbook.  Thanks.

I hope you enjoy your visit.


UERM-MMC Med '99

What's New?

(-- --- ----)  My allotted space in Tripod is full!  Please go to for a continuation of the photo album.

(24 August 2004)  Updated the hardware section.

(16 August 2004)  My photo album has grown so big, Tripod will soon not be able to accept my uploads.  I will then be uploading photos at  I knew there will come a time I would have to find an easier and more efficient way of putting stills on the web.  I hope this is it.

(22 June 2004)  Added new pictures in the photo album section.

(16 August 2003)  The photo album section now has over two hundred (>200) pictures!

(23 June 2003)  The photo album section has expanded.  Most of the new pictures were taken from my digital camera and have better quality than the previous ones which were scanned.

(14 June 2003)  Updated the games section.

(07 July 2002)  Added Yahoo! Messenger in the contact me section.

(26 May 2002)  Tripod's limit of 20MB has forced me to stop adding pictures in the photo album.  However, I will still be updating parts of this web site when the need arises.  I really hope Tripod increases its web space limit.  Anyway, thanks to Tripod for being a good host.

(10 January 2001)  Modified the layout of the photo album section.

(30 August 2000)  Added a NEW Photo Album section with pictures of friends and family.

(27 August 2000)  Added WebCounter to home page.

(23 August 2000)  Congratulations to all those who passed the August 2000 Philippine Physician Licensure Examination.  Here is the list of successful examinees from the Professional Regulation Commission.

(06 July 2000)  Added a new guestbook.  Please sign the new guestbook.

(02 July 2000)  I relocated my personal web site from to  This new site features multiple pages and other enhancements.  Feel free to surf around my site.

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